Me. Randa Abboud: Biography

Married to Charbel Edward Nassour and has one daughter, Sharon Charbel Nassour.

1988 – 1992: Bachelor of Laws at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the Lebanese University.

Former member of the Notaries Public Council Office in Lebanon

One of the major advocates in the ratification of the law of creation of the Notaries Public Council in Lebanon and in defending the affairs of notaries public.

Volunteer member in the General Chaplaincy of Prisons in Lebanon and activist through a joint project with notaries public to assist the most needy prisoners.

Activist and participant along with a group of activists in many school orientation symposiums during the past years and in the course of creating an association having energy / youth of Lebanon as a theme.

Lecturer at private schools and universities on the topic of guidance and orientation concerning the student specializations and university specializations.

Participated in the series of conferences titled “Forum de Carrière” which are held in a number of schools and universities in Lebanon.

Former member of the Women’s Committee in the Olympic Committee.