Mrs. Sossi Boladian: Biography

Founding member of the Arab Women’s Organization, 2001

Member of the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists

Member in the Executive boards of the following organizations:

  • Armenian Red Cross of Lebanon
  • Azounieh Armenian Hospital
  • Jinishian Memorial Program

Owner of a community pharmacy, Pharmacie La Colline, in the Metn area

Healthcare consultant emphasizing the role of early breast cancer detection education


In the NCLW:

Member of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) since its establishment in 1998

Member and treasurer (by governmental decree) of the Executive Board of the National Commission of Lebanese Women between 1998 and 2016

Member and coordinator of the health committee at the NCLW since 1998

Member in the steering committees for strategic planning and policy making projects with the UNFPA and the EU for women’s rights and empowerment at the NCLW


Academic Achievements:

Graduate of the School of Pharmacy from The American University of Beirut

Conducted research and studied physical pharmacy at a Masters level